** La Crosse River Marsh Game **

Rules of the Game
Follow the trails through the marsh.
Click on the red asterisks as you reach them.
You will be shown the picture of a bird, with 4 choices as to what it is.
Before you click on the link to the answer, guess what kind of bird it is.
If you're not sure what it is, pick an alternate bird.
Click on the answer link. You get 2 points if your first guess was right, 1 point if your second guess was right. Keep track of your score and try to improve on it next time.
There will be a link to bring you back to the marsh.

Keep in mind that birds move around.
On your next hike the bird may be in another area of the marsh.

Or you might like to hike in the Hixon Forest next time.

Click on the Hixon Forest Nature Center on the map to find out what's there.


This game is sponsored by the Coulee Region Audubon Society and Hixon Forest Nature Center.

Questions, comments or suggestions? Please E-mail me.